People over Profit

People Over Profit is an online knowledge library and campaign builder for fighting privatisation of public goods coming at the end of 2017.

We aim to connect organisations fighting privatisation, empower campaigners, share best practices and provide a tool to foresee privatisation trends.


Sounding the alarm on dangerous public-private partnerships (PPP’s).

Oct 12, 2017.

Public Services International, EURODAD and other CSO partners jointly urge all those concerned with justice, equality, sustainability and human rights to resist the encroachment of PPPs and to push instead for high-quality, publicly-funded, democratically-controlled, accountable public services. The well-being of our communities and societies depends on it!


Already signed by 149 organisations

  • European Network on Debt and Development (Eurodad)
  • Public Service International
  • The Bretton Woods Project
  • Jubilee Debt Campaign
  • Society for International Development
  • Latin American Network on Debt, Development and Rights (Latindadd)
  • ... and many more!

Join the struggle

POP is a collaborative platform that will launch at the end of the year — leave your e-mail or contact us to make a global change

Multilingual and collaborative.

Designed as a multilingual collaborative online platform, People Over Profit, connects unions and organisations, compiles relevant information and provides simple drag and drop campaign building and hosting.

We need joint action to push back and win, so we partner with likeminded unions and organisations. What about you? Contact us at

Find the right content

Powerful tagging taxonomy

People Over Profit’s knowledge library can be filtered by combinations of predefined tags: topics, sectors, locations (countries) and actors (multinationals privatising public goods) as well as by organisations that submitted content.

All campaigns, resources and events can be filtered by date and language. Currently our UI fully supports English, Spanish & French, as well as localised content inside library.

A rich source of information

News, documents, studies & multimedia

From detailed case studies, to current news across the world, documents, videos, podcasts and galleries regarding privatisation of public services, resources in the knowledge library are available in three languages.

POP automatically searches targeted websites, social media and newsfeeds pulling relevant information into the platform.

See the bigger picture

Global events and days of action over the globe

People Over Profit has a built-in event manager displaying the joint struggle and actions around the globe against the privatisation of public services. Single events and global days of action are mapped, with additional information and simple controls.

You can contribute to events very easily: by adding them manually or by providing a link to a Facebook event — we will automatically import the right information.

Contribute to the struggle

Anonymous and organisation contributions

Provide us with a link and POP will automatically extract the title, and source of your article, document or multimedia link. Your submission will then be checked by the Editors and published.

You may contribute anonymously, register for free to the system and actively contribute to the library without needing further approval for submissions.

Your inbox over profit

Subscribe to different tags, get weekly digest

People Over Profit’s knowledge library is vast — you can pick the tags you are interested in and subscribe to them in a single click. The weekly digest will be delivered to your inbox with the new resources, campaigns and events.

You can manage your subscriptions at any time with the unique link – add or remove tags, or unsubscribe completely.

Launch and manage your campaigns.

With the simple drag and drop builder, you can design, launch and manage your own campaign pages — choose different actions and request endorsements from other organisations. Set up a custom URL and host it on POP.

Public Services International (PSI) is a global trade union federation representing 20 million working women and men who deliver vital public services in 154 countries. PSI champions human rights, advocates for social justice and promotes universal access to quality public services. PSI works with the United Nations system and in partnership with labour, civil society and other organisations.

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