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People Over Profit is a global online knowledge library and campaign builder — learn all you need to know about the privatisation of public goods and how to stop it once and for all!

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    Over 200 Organizations From 67 Countries Say: “Fundamentally Transform the WTO

    A powerful coalition of 200+ labor, environmental, development and other civil society organizations from 67 countries sent a letter to heads of state of World Trade Organization (WTO) member countries calling for a “fundamental transformation” of the WTO and the hyperglobalization it has implemented, spotlighting how this regime undermined many nations’ resilience against and response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Source: Public Citizen

    Planting budgetary time bombs in Africa: the Macron Doctrine En Marche

    Daniela Gabor and Ndongo Samba Sylla, in article published by the Groupe d'études géopolitiques take close look at how "paradoxically, the Macron Doctrine - built on a critique of financialisation and privatisation of public goods – co-exists with the French push for the Wall Street Consensus, which promotes a partnership with global investors to financialise development and privatise public goods, particularly in Africa."

    Source: Groupe d'Etudes Géopolitiques

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    Sign the Manifesto for Cultural Workers

    Cultural workers help us preserve the past, examine who we are, and imagine who we can become; they deserve to be recognized for their unique and critical contributions to society and to be treated with dignity in the workplace. Sign the Manifesto, support culture workers.

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    The Future is Public Transport

    The Covid-19 crisis has made it clear that we need urgent investments in public transport to deliver safe, reliable and affordable services for the millions of residents living in our cities. You’re invited to join the movement of workers, mayors, union leaders and city residents around the world – let’s take action together to protect livelihoods, create good jobs, and confront the climate crisis.