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La Voz - Cuarta Edición

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El Comité Regional de Jóvenes de Interaméricas, en el marco del proyecto FORSA, pone a disposición la edición N°4 de la ...

Amazon: The World’s Largest Company is subsidised by You

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A new report by the Centre for International Corporate Tax Accountability and Research (CICTAR) and TaxWatch reveals the...

Organising for Justice: Trade Union Actions in Defence of the Human and Labour Rights of All Migrants

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The Labour Movement's Report to the First Global Review of the UN Global Compact on Migration.

Labour's position on the 2022 International Migration Review Forum Progress Declaration

The pandemic has laid bare the need for sweeping changes to fix the economic and political systems that are failing work...

Nota de protesto contra ofechamento do Museu da Diversidade Sexual de São Paulo

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O Comitê LGBTQIA+ da Internacional de Serviços Públicos (ISP) no Brasil manifesta seu protesto contra o fech...

The Crisis in Long Term Care - Effects of Private Provision

This report outlines the failures of privatisation in the care sector across the world as well as potential for resistin...

Juventude Pode #5

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Este é o quinto número do Juventude Pode, informativo mensal publicado como parte do projeto internacional FORSA/ISP.

Diversity of practices in social dialogue in the public service in selected African countries

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This ILO working paper on the 'Diversity of practices in social dialogue in the public service in selected African countries' was published in April 2022.

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