We believe that delivering quality public services to all is among the most effective ways to address many of these challenges. This is why our work extends beyond traditional unionism to cover the following key issues:

  • #Care

    Join us in a global movement calling to rebuild the social organisation of care. It is time to recognise the social and economic value of care work (paid or not) and the human right to care.

    • #Climate Crisis

      The fight against climate change is a fight for system change. Workers must be part of climate solutions, and benefit from just and equitable transition programs.

      • #Covid-19

        Unpreparedness of health systems, including understaffing, gruelling long working hours, and lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) are exposing health workers to fatal hazards that also undermine the capacity of the health systems to respond to the emergency.

        • #Debt

          With an average of eight countries per year facing debt crisis since 1970, sovereign debt issues will likely affect most workers in the world at some point in their life. When it does, it is used to deregulate, privatise, drive down wages and attack trade union rights, cut pensions and welfare, cut public services and impose austerity.

          • #Digitalisation

            Who governs the digital transformation is one of the most important questions of the coming decade. Winning a world where digitalisation serves workers and our communities is a must.

            • #Emergency Workers

              Emergency service workers should be there when you need them, well-trained and well-equipped to help.

              • #Gender Equality and Equity

                Women workers are the driving force behind our public services and the fight for equality. Their work needs to be recognized and valued equally, and discrimination, abuse and violence in the workplace must be brought to an end.

              • #Health & Social Care Services

                Fighting for a better future: with quality public health for all! Quality Healthcare for everyone can only be achieved with increased public investment, better staffing levels and working conditions and enhanced public participation in our health systems.

                • #LGBT+

                  Let's fight marginalisation and stigmatisation, defending all sexual orientations and gender identity.

                  • #Multinationals

                    Globalisation has given rise to extraordinarily large and powerful multinational corporations (MNCs). Many of these companies have entered and are marketizing essential public services, including energy, water and sanitation, health and social waste collection and treatment.

                    • #Privatisation

                      There is more than enough wealth to deliver quality public services for all - if corporations and the very wealthy pay their fair share, and if governments invest and spend wisely instead of privatising in the interests of corporations and the wealthy.

                    • #Public Funding for Development

                      For a public-funded path to development as an alternative narrative to the neoliberal prescription consistently forced on countries by some of the world's most powerful financial institutions.

                    • #Quality Public Services

                      Quality Public Services is the most important measure of development.

                      • #Tax

                        Ending corporate tax dodging to fund public services! A fair tax system is the bedrock of quality public services. Yet around the world corporations and the mega-rich avoid paying their fair share. They are siphoning off money destined for schools and hospitals and funnelling it into offshore tax havens.

                      • #Trade

                        The rules that govern a globalised world should be made democratically and in the interests of workers. Yet some of the most important rules governing globalisation are written in secret, and in the interests of the most powerful people on the planet.

                      • #Trade Union Rights

                        When trade union rights are under attack: we fight back.

                      • #Whistleblowers

                        Whistleblowers are essential in exposing corruption and wrongdoing and promoting both government and corporate accountability. They help bring to light illegal activities such as tax evasion, collusion and corruption. Whistleblowing can save lives, protect the environment and help stop illicit financial flows.

                        • #Young Workers

                          This generation has been hit the hardest by the global economic crisis. Decent work opportunities are increasingly rare and many quality jobs have been replaced with precarious positions - often hidden under the guise of entrepreneurism.

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