We are a network of progressive organisations fighting for social and ecological justice and equity.

The People Over Profit platform is a global campaign builder and knowledge library designed to enhance resistance to privatisation and build the fight for universal quality public services. Local activists, unions and allies can use the platform to develop their campaigns, share successful strategies and harness global solidarity.

POP is designed to allow organisations to build, resource and run the digital elements of their campaigns for change. It reflects the inter-connectedness of our global political, economic, social and ecological systems, and the need for progressive movements to connect their fights.

Our goal is to strengthen our democratic institutions such that they respond to the needs of people and planet.


POP teaser

Creeping corporate control means that our governments now defend corporate interests above communities, families, workers and the planet.

Created by PSI, a global federation of trade unions fighting to protect workers in public services, People over Profit arose from the need of trade unions and civil society organisations to have a dedicated space where they could gather efforts to not only resist, but also fight against the privateers and their backers.

Our goal is to make this tool powerful enough for campaigners to push back against the corporations that deploy hundreds of millions for lobbying and marketing.

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