There is enough wealth in the world to ensure that everybody has a rewarding, dignified life. But the current system is designed to ensure that the wealth is not distributed to those who create it, nor to those who need it most.

Sure, it’s been said before: but an injury to one is still an injury to all! People over Profit is based on the simple concept that our strength comes from our collectivity.

We believe the interests of the public should always be put ahead of private profits. We fight against corruption and corporate capture of our public institutions and stand for truly democratic governance.

Quality Public Services for all

We fight to make sure public services fulfil their central role: realising human rights, supporting sustainable development and building equality. We value public services, and public service workers, for both the economic and social contribution they make to our society.

Public Investment; not privatisation

We know that there is enough wealth to fund quality public services for all - and we reject austerity, privatisation and outsourcing which shifts the costs onto the most vulnerable and the benefits to the hands of the few. We believe that if corporations and the rich are made to pay their fair share, through mobilisation and political pressure, then we can fund the essential public investment needed to achieve social justice.

We challenge corporate power

We believe that the inordinate influence of corporations and the wealthy over our governments is undermining democracy, extracting wealth from the productive economy and acting against the interests of the working class and the public.


Women shoulder the largest burden in the family, centred around care and sustenance for children, for elderly, for the sick. This is on top of their roles in the workplace. PS provide crucial supports to women in all of their roles. Their needs, their voices need to be much more central.

Strength through diversity

We believe in an inclusive global movement which unites different identities under a common struggle for social, ecological and economic justice.


You are fighting for a public interest

The crises confronting us: climate, pandemic, inequality, discrimination, etc., are due in large part to our neoliberal approach to life, which puts the priority on the individual and denigrates the collective. We must urgently shape our political discourse to recover the public interest, especially in our governments.

Practically what does it mean: Your organisation focuses on bringing people together to protect the common good.


Many organisations represent specific issues or constituencies. Our goal is to bring these issues and constituencies together to create a stronger movement.

You are an organisation

This platform is designed to support organisations in their work. Individuals can support this platform is specific ways, but the organisations that sponsor and run campaigns on this site are responsible for their actions.

We want to build a strong network

You are an NGO, trade union, community-based organisation (CBO/CSO), initiative...

If you are a civil initiative/collective without a formal structure, you need to have an institutional partner. The institutional partner will be responsible for all content that is posted on POP under their campaign space. We need this approach as the organisations that we campaign against – mainly corporations, will drag us through the courts if our statements are unsupported by facts.

You are not for profit

The pursuit of profit has many different tools, well-funded and supported. Those pursuing social, ecological and economic justice


You are not an executive or working for development bank, consulting firm, think tank, brokerage house, stock trader


Development banks should support our missions and values. they have a public mandate to advance human rights and sustainable development, focusing on helping the most vulnerable... However, too many are acting as agents of for-profit corporations and implement market-based solutions to collective challenges. National development banks, owned and funded by the public, should assume greater responsibility to the people, not prioritising profit.

You are not funded by corporations

You are not a political party

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