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The Decent Work Deficit in the Social Care Workforce - a Response to the ILO General Survey

This submission is made by Public Services International (PSI) on behalf of affiliates who represent health workers delivering social care, including aged care, mental health, and disability care workers and other unregulated social care workers who should be entitled to the rights detailed in Convention 149 and Recommendation 157. In this submission we refer to these workers as the social care workforce.


Community Health Workers (CHWs) submission to the ILO General Survey C.149 and R.157

This submission to the ILO General Survey - decent work for care economy workers in a changing economy on the Nursing Personnel Convention, 1977 (No. 149) and the Nursing Personnel Recommendation, 1977 (No. 157) - has been prepared with PSI union affiliates who represent Community Health Workers (CHWs) working in India, Pakistan, Nepal, South Africa, Malawi, Zambia and the Philippines, who are currently, or have previously been, excluded from formal recognition and regulation as public health workers.


PSI Response to ILO General Survey on Decent Work for Care Economy Workers

PSI believes that in their current form, C149 and R157 largely retain their relevance. However, these instruments should be supplemented with revisions where needed. A revised instrument should strengthen provisions for equal pay, rights to effectively bargain, and formalise and regulate the status of community health and care work. Provisions that allow for insecure work (para. 57 of R157) and volunteer labour (article 1.3 of C149) in the current instruments should be removed.


Global call: vaccines for all!

In the face of this global emergency, it is urgent and mandatory to "Save Lives and Protect Jobs". We must proclaim that vaccines are a common good of humanity from which no private profit can be made, largely because a huge amount of public money has been invested in their development, and that it is a political and moral obligation to vaccinate the entire population without discrimination of income or nationality.