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People over Profit - POP

People Over Profit - POP, is a global online library and campaign platform to support campaigns against privatisation. While primarily conceived as a tool to halt privatisation, it can also be used as a resource base and a campaign platform for remunicipalisation groups and alliances to bring privatised services back in-house.


The Atlas of Utopias 2019

Welcome to the Atlas of Utopias - a unique collection of community-led transformations to ensure access to water, energy, food and housing. As we face climate breakdown, access to basic rights like water, food, energy and housing are becoming increasingly strained. Cities and collectives around the world are experimenting with new ways to practice democracy and secure access to basic rights. An initiative by Transformative Cities, the atlas features 33 stories of transformative change from 24 countries. About the Transformative Cities initiative: https://transformativecities.org/


Crisis Narratives, Debt and Development Adjustment in the Caribbean

Don Marshall presents elements of his paper “Crisis Narratives, Debt and Development Adjustment: Contemplating Caribbean Small Island States Futures.” Don, Director of the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies at University of the West Indies: Cave Hill, questions the hegemony of mainstream economic indicators shepherded by the “neoliberal calculus of austerity adjustments.” He explores the effects on the Caribbean and its economic governance of international financial institutions and credit rating agencies, in the context of global financialization. Considering the implications for the dual Caribbean crises of debt and climate change, Don illustrates the need for meaningful policy space to enable governments to implement their agendas for equitable development.


CSOs as equal partners in monitoring public finance

CSOs as equal partners in monitoring public finance started from 2016 with the aim to improve accountability and transparency of the public finance in targeted countries and strengthen Civil Society Organisations’ (CSOs) role and voice in monitoring the institutions’ performance in that area. Key project activities are research and monitoring, advocacy, capacity building and transfer of knowledge/practices and networking in the field of the 4 specific topics: • public debt, • public-private partnerships, • tax equity and • infrastructure projects. More about the project and our work can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/BalkanMonitoringPublicFinance/