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Planting budgetary time bombs in Africa: the Macron Doctrine En Marche

Daniela Gabor and Ndongo Samba Sylla, in article published by the Groupe d'études géopolitiques take close look at how "paradoxically, the Macron Doctrine - built on a critique of financialisation and privatisation of public goods – co-exists with the French push for the Wall Street Consensus, which promotes a partnership with global investors to financialise development and privatise public goods, particularly in Africa."

Source: Groupe d'Etudes Géopolitiques

Paris airports operator to invest $6.7 billion in infrastructure

Paris airports operator Groupe ADP is awaiting a vote to allow the government to reduce its 50.6% airport stake in the coming months as part of wider economic reforms. “As well as its stakes in other airports, Groupe ADP operates Air France’s hub and Europe’s second biggest airport, Paris Charles de Gaulle, which handled 72.2 million passengers last year, Paris Orly, with 33.1 million and the smaller business focused Le Bourget airport.”

Source: atwonline.com

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"Major French companies: a disastrous impact for society and the planet! " (available in French)

Attac France and the Observatory for Multinationals have released their new report on French multinationals (CAC 40) "Major French companies: a disastrous impact for society and the planet! " (available in French). This report summarizes the true balance sheet of the CAC 40 companies in terms of social justice, ecological justice and tax justice. The authors analyse the rise of profits, dividends and CEO salaries while considering the key principles of social justice.

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