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TAFJA calls for heavy taxes on big business and the wealthy, and cutting corporate tax perks, as key steps in raising public finance for COVID-19 responses

As the COVID19 public health crisis continues to intensify, deep flaws in our societies and economies have become abundantly clear. It is a system that puts profits before people, privileges corporations and the wealthy, and deepens many forms of inequality and injustice, including gender inequal

Source: www.apmdd.org

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Taking our public services back in house - Compendium of 50 remunicipalisation case studies

This compendium of 50 remunicipalisation case studies is the second part of the report "Taking our public services back in house", a remunicipalisation guide for workers and trade unions. Commissioned by PSI to Dr. Vera Weghmann from the University of Greenwich, this new guide provides a timely, extensive analysis and case studies to support PSI affiliates in the process of reclaiming public service ownership and control in the common interest.


Strong public and social housing services: a key asset in halting global pandemics

As public authorities seek to provide lockdown and safety measures to beat Covid-19, and are forced to rethink and adapt their policies, public and social housing clearly emerge as an essential part of the solution to beating pandemics and protecting public health. Read here PSI’s new paper “Strong public and social housing services: a key asset in halting global pandemics.”

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The Future is Public Transport

The Covid-19 crisis has made it clear that we need urgent investments in public transport to deliver safe, reliable and affordable services for the millions of residents living in our cities. You’re invited to join the movement of workers, mayors, union leaders and city residents around the world – let’s take action together to protect livelihoods, create good jobs, and confront the climate crisis.

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