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Fiscal Contracts and Local Public Services: Bridging Tax Justice and Inclusive Cities for the New Urban Agenda

A PSI research paper on sustainable local and regional government funding “provides a set of political and practical options, recommendations and caveats for LRG/municipal unions and their members to make counterproposals and put alternative, progressive options on the table when they are told private financing, externalization and austerity measures are the only way to finance local public services, including within the implementation of the New Urban Agenda. It is also meant to spur much needed debate which PSI LRG/municipal unions members have a lot of expertise to contribute to.”


Eurodad Annual Report 2016

The Eurodad Annual Report 2016 provides an overview of EURODAD's work throughout the year and includes financial figures.


Public Development Banks: towards a better model

Public development banks (PDBs) are enjoying a resurgence. The global financial and economic crisis has stimulated new interest in PDBs, particularly given the important role they play in providing counter-cyclical financing when private capital is in short supply. In recent years, several countries have established new national and multilateral PDBs, and at the global level they have been recognised for the role they play in the United Nations Financing for Development process.


For whose benefit? A different perspective on Tax Inspectors Without Borders

Taxation of multinational corporations is of utmost importance to developing countries, which on average generate around 10% of government revenues from this source. However, there are clear indications that the current international system is not working. One type of tax avoidance alone is currently costing developing countries between $70 billion and $120 billion per year. While often considered highly immoral, such international tax avoidance is often, technically speaking, legal.


Understanding the basics of (securities-based) financial systems. Daniela Gabor, UWE Bristol.

The claim is that capital markets can provide new solutions to age-old development challenges (homelessness, access to education, clean water, crime prevention and helping disadvantaged children). Securities markets connect institutional investors that care about social/environmental impact with those in need of support. The aim is that ‘building movements of belief’ through institutional investment can achieve development goals. This short paper asks what is at stake in this new systematic attempt to re-engineer domestic financial systems. It suggests that securities-market based finance is a Trojan horse for financial globalisation.


Middle East and North Africa Region Briefing on Tax Justice

This briefing paper on tax justice issues in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) aims to raise awareness of tax justice priorities amongst PSI affiliates, affiliates of other Global Union Federations and civil society partners. This will inform regional and country based campaign planning activities. This briefing provides an overview of: why is taxation important; tax havens and offshore finance; tax base erosion & profit shifting (BEPS); addressing tax evasion.