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The other virus: tax fraud

In addition to explaining how the unequal tax structures in Latin America limit capacity to fight the pandemic throughou...

Manifesto “Proteger para Salvar vidas - o futuro do Trabalho na Saúde e nos serviços essenciais”

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Assinado por dezenas de entidades representantes de trabalhadoras e trabalhadores, o documento enumera uma série de prop...

Relatório analítico dos resultados da enquete da campanha "Trabalhadoras e trabalhadores protegidos salvam vidas

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O levantamento, realizado entre 31 março e 15 de junho de 2020, teve como objetivo avaliar os impactos da pandemia de Co...

Strong public and social housing services: a key asset in halting global pandemics

As public authorities seek to provide lockdown and safety measures to beat Covid-19, and are forced to rethink and adapt...

"Free trade" agreements and the pandemic

This article analyses how 25 years of FTAs in Latin America have constrained the capacity of states to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

Pandemic: Big Business for Transnational Corporations

This article exposes how the clauses contained in free trade treaties known as investor-state dispute resolution (ISDS) ...

Amnesty International Report: Exposed, Silenced, Attacked

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This report looks at the challenges health and essential workers across the world have faced in doing their jobs in the ...

30 años de neoliberalismo en Chile: la privatización de los servicios públicos

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Realizado por la ISP en alianza con la Fundación NodoXXI, la publicación demuestra cómo la pandemia ha dejado al descubi...

Covid-19 and Debt

This special brief is designed to answer some of the specific questions for unions in the developing and developed world about debt in times of Covid.

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