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Norwegian municipalities bringing social services back into public hands (by Bjørn Pettersen and Nina Monsen)

This article discusses the processes of remunicipalisation in Norway. In recent years, 21 services have been de-privatised and brought back into public hands in municipalities across the country. This wave of de-privatisations comes after a change in political leadership in many municipalities after the local elections of 2015. Cooperation between the trade unions, the municipal administrations and the local politicians has been fundamental in these remunicipalisation processes.


World Social Protection Report 2017–19. Universal social protection to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Executive summary

This ILO flagship report provides a global overview of 1 recent trends in social protection systems, including social protection floors. It analyses the current state of social protection for children, for women and men of working age, and for older persons, following a life-cycle approach. Based on new data, the report offers a broad range of global, regional and country data on social protection coverage, benefits and public expenditures on social pro- tection. It presents new estimates on effective social protection coverage for a comprehensive monitoring of social protection systems.


The Privatisation of UK aid. How Adam Smith International is profiting from the aid budget.

After decades of work by campaigners and activists to boost overseas development spending to 0.7% of national income, private companies are creaming it off. Global Justice Now reports that “consultancy firms, including Adam Smith International (ASI), are ‘taking an ever increasing share of the aid budget and enjoying generous profit margins.’ In 2014 alone, the Department for International Development (DfID) spent £90 million through ASI, which is twice what DfID spent tackling HIV and Aids.”


Boosting Investment in Social Infrastructure in Europe. Report of the High-Level Task Force on Investing in Social Infrastructure in Europe.

This report contains a comprehensive collection of facts and figures on social infrastructure and social services and the related financing needs. Based on the conclusions and results, the report formulates concrete recommendations aimed at enhancing current financing tools as well as for future schemes and initiatives in the social sector.