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UK Probation services to be renationalised

The supervision of all offenders will be undertaken by the state in a major renationalisation of the probation sector. Only five years after introducing a widely derided programme of privatisation. Following years of damning criticism from MPs, inspectorates and former probation officers, the justice secretary, David Gauke, has decided to bring all offender management under the National Probation Service (NPS) by spring 2021. He said the private sector would still play a part in the provision of services, with £280m worth of contracts for rehabilitation services such as the provision of unpaid work and accredited programmes. But the core function of the service – supervising and managing about 250,000 offenders in the community – will once again be publicly provided.

Source: the Guardian

Unions call for public control over private prisons

Unions are calling for public control over private prisons after outsourcing giant G4S is permanently stripped of its contract to run the troubled HMP Birmingham. “For the Prison Officers’ Association, the return of Birmingham to the public sector was welcome. ‘We have campaigned tirelessly since it was wrongly privatised in 2011 to have it returned to the state,’ POA chair Mark Fairhurst said. ‘The more recent events enabled us to pressurise the government into making what is undoubtedly the correct decision for staff, prisoners and the taxpayer.’ But Fairhurst said other private prisons must follow suit. ‘The obsession this Tory Government has to outsource and privatise public sector work must cease. It is obvious that when you put profits above safety you sow the seeds of disorder, mismanagement, cover ups and misery.’”

Source: The Big Issue

G4S stripped of contract to run Birmingham prison

G4S is to be permanently stripped of its contract to run Birmingham prison after the government was forced to take control of the failing jail. The Ministry of Justice took the unprecedented step of seizing control of the prison last August, removing its governor and moving out hundreds of prisoners, hours before a severely critical report was published by the prisons inspectorate.

Source: the Guardian

“The Great NHS Heist”

NHS GP Dr. Bob Gill, producer of the film “The Great NHS Heist” warns of a coming deadline in May when doctors will have to sign up to an American-like “network” privatization scheme. “It’s an attempt to grab the patient list and everything that goes with it.”

Source: Twitter

The Labour Party commits to banning the outsourcing of public services for the vulnerable

The Labour Party commits to banning the outsourcing of public services for the vulnerable if it comes to power. “The party says it would require government contracts for services to be brought ‘back in house’ if they deal with ‘at risk’ people, including people with disabilities, the sick, prisoners and people in immigration detention or prison. Contracts that entail ‘exercise of coercive powers or risk of infringement of people’s rights’ would also be brought back into the public sector when they expire. Government departments and councils would have to provide ‘good reason’ for continuing to outsourcing services for vulnerable people, demonstrating that there is no capacity to provide the service in-house.”

Source: inews.co.uk

Public Sector Outsourcing: Learning Lessons from Carillion and Interserve

Jenny Draper points to the importance of evaluation criteria for contracting out: “Evaluation criteria on how the government awards such contracts in such vital areas to suppliers known to have associated risk needs to be challenged. There are so many other outsourcing organisations which make up a huge part of our social, healthcare, local authority network, perhaps more services outsourced than in-sourced in certain areas; the authorities who make these decisions need an urgent review of their award criteria on future contracts or face yet more wrath from the ever more vocal taxpayer.”

Source: Spend Matters

England's running out of water – and privatisation is to blame

Sondhya Gupta of SumOfUs says “England’s running out of water—and privatisation is to blame.” She argues that “public services like water should be nationalised. That’s what campaigners such as Cat Hobbs from We Own It and more than three-quarters of the British public have been saying for years. Privatisation has failed. Water is the most essential resource on our planet. Our bodies are comprised of 70% water. . Without it, no life on this planet can survive and therefore it must be protected as a basic human right.”

Source: the Guardian

Put our NHS in public hands!

GMB is calling “to repeal controversial Section 75 and reverse the tide of health service privatisation and outsourcing.” Section 75 is the part of the 2012 Health and Social Care Act that came into effect on 1 April 2013 that allows for the privatisation of NHS services. “Section 75 forces commissioners to put out to tender anything that could be provided by an organisation other than our NHS. Private contractors are far more likely to win these tenders. (…) We urge Ministers to take forward the new NHS England proposal, which would see large parts of the damaging shake-up undertaken by the Coalition Government unwound and dismantled.”

Source: GMB