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Our Health is Not For Sale! End corporate control of the pandemic response!

The situation in the nations of the South is appalling. Countries like Brazil, India, Indonesia, and South Africa, where the working people were already reeling from the unemployment and poverty, are now facing even more hardships, as the COVID19 rages.

Source: peopleoverprofit.online

Electricity trade unions oppose omnibus bill revisions over privatization concerns

Major electricity industry trade unions are considering public protests and strikes to opposite revisions to the 2009 Electrification Law in the controversial omnibus bill on job creation, mainly over concerns that the country’s electricity supply chain will be privatized.

Source: The Jakarta Post

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Jakarta Water Labor Union's Rally December 2010

In December 2010, hundreds of water union workers in Jakarta (Indonesia) protested against the privatisation of water services in the city. The workers demanded an end to contracts with private foreign companies Suez and Thames on the grounds that they have not brought their promised investments and service improvements, and have worsened labour conditions for workers.

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