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Ending Bandit Capitalism: Learning the lessons following Carillion’s collapse

The UK public services union Unite has published an in-depth report on the collapse of the government outsourcing compan...

Fact Sheet: Higher Education. Outsourcing Higher Education Support Services: The Wrong Choice

  • en

State funding for higher education has been on the decline for decades. Administrators believe that outsourcing support ...

Fact Sheet: Outsourcing. Outsourcing Social Services: Eliminating Public Watchdogs

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Outsourcing, or privatization, is promoted as a way to save money, improve services, and shake up so-called “unaccountab...

Fact Sheet: Schools. Privatizing School Support Services: The Wrong Choice

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Some officials and commentators believe that outsourcing school support services will save money while maintaining quali...

Standing Guard. How Unaccountable Contracting Fails Governments and Taxpayers.

  • en

When governments outsource vital public services, how carefully are contractors being watched? As local and state govern...

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