The Trump Administration's Budget Is a Highway to Privatization

Trump submits the most extreme right wing budget in decades, lining up savage job cuts, a national public asset selloff, and a massive privatization agenda for infrastructure, education, immigration detention (a 66% increase, including for private detention and deportation contractors), and health services. AFSCME President Lee Saunders said “President Trump’s budget is a moral and economic disaster. The cuts proposed in this plan will not only hurt children and the elderly, but also diminish the quality of life for millions of families nationwide, all to give massive tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy. (…) It eliminates or slashes funding for dozens and dozens of programs and services, including infrastructure, transportation, health care, education, and even Social Security. It even punishes those who want to give back to their communities by eliminating a student loan forgiveness program that thousands of public service workers have already planned their household budgets around, and that encourages more young people to pursue careers in public service.”

Published on

May 23, 2017

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