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Can public-private partnerships deliver gender equality?

On the eve of International Women's Day, a new report “Can Public-private Partnerships deliver gender equality?” was released by a European Network on Debt and Development (EURODAD). The report says: "PPPs are being actively promoted by donor governments and international financial institutions to fund social services and infrastructure projects around the world. However, support for PPPs runs counter to governments’ commitments to promote gender equality and the fullfilment of women’s rights under Agenda 2030 and elsewhere ". This report aims to contribute to the growing civil society debate about PPPs and describes how they could create additional fiscal constraints that undermine the state’s capacity to deliver gender-transformative public services and infrastructure, or to promote decent work for women.

Source: eurodad.org

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A toolkit for advocacy at the World Bank Group

This toolkit aims to support civil society in their advocacy towards the World Bank Group. I The toolkit provides an overview of the World Bank: its main functions, its governance and how European Union Member States influence its decision-making; guidance on locating and understanding information about World Bank activities, and how civil society organisations can direct WBG-focused advocacy and campaign work.