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"State public enterprises defend the national interest”

With national elections scheduled for October, privatisation has become a central issue. The UGTT union federation has scheduled a strike for February 20-21. “The UGTT will need a broader platform than simple salary increases for public servants,” reports African Manager. According to UGTT deputy general secretary Mohamed Ali Boughdiri, “its economic programme will include policies favourable to companies, but also safeguard public enterprises in the ‘strategic sectors,’ electricity (production and distribution), gas, water supply, transport, cement, oilseeds, phosphate mining, education and health. ‘The private sector only runs after the profits,’ he explains. ‘State public enterprises defend the national interest.’”

Source: African Manager

Strike in public service, response to wrong policies adopted by government

A breakdown in wage negotiations between the government and the unions over a civil service pay rise led to a November 22 strike. In a statement, the UGTT “said the strike is aimed at defending public institutions and the quality of the services they are supposed to offer. This mobilization also aims to enable the public service to recover its pioneering role in the socio-economic field, said the same source, which emphasises the commitment to the decision on the regularization of the situation of all workers who have a precarious job quoting, in particular, construction workers.”

Source: TAP