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Ministry Overhauls Privatisation Laws

The government is overhauling its privatisation proclamation to “specify which government body will oversee the asset valuation of public enterprises, bring them to public auctions, managing transactions and transfer the enterprises to buyers.” The proclamation was produced with the technical support of the World Bank Group and the Tony Blair Foundation.

Source: addisfortune.news

Privatisation is likely to enter the 2020 legislative elections, Global Insight reports

Privatisation is likely to enter the 2020 legislative elections, Global Insight reports. “The formerly dominant The Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) member, the Tigrayan People's Liberation Front, will probably exit the coalition and seek to delay the privatisation of state-owned entities. (…) The planned privatisation of state-owned entities (SOEs) will probably advance slowly, as the government audits the contracting arrangements and off-balance sheet liabilities of SOEs to improve foreign investor interest and the chance of retaining controlling stakes.” [IHS Global Insight Limited, 6 March 2019]

Source: peopleoverprof.it

Rethinking the Ethiopian Privatization

Minga Negash, Seid Hassan, Abu Girma and Ezana Kebede have made a case for “Rethinking the Ethiopian Privatization,” focused on state owned enterprises. “Privatization in a networked or captured economy of course transfers public assets in disguised and opaque ways to those who are already connected. Privatization without institutional reforms may only relieve the government from temporary illiquidity but does neither affect the efficiency nor make the market contestable nor prevents throwing away public assets at questionable prices.”)