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Airport workers demand greater protection

Airport workers demand greater protection after recent attacks by passengers. “The representative structure of the handling staff (who provides assistance at airports) considers that this increase in conflicts is due to two reasons: the ‘exponential increase of passengers unsuitable for airport infrastructures’ and the transformation of the market, with ‘privatization of companies and companies’ and ‘reduction and precariousness of the workforce.’”

Source: Jornal Expresso

As Europe left struggles, Portugal's alliance wins over voters and...

Reuters reports on what it sees as the successes of Portugal’s government alliance. “Last year, the government already raised the minimum monthly wage to 530 euros ($570) from 505 euros a year earlier. It will continue rising till it reaches 600 euros in 2019, the last year of the government's current term. State sector salaries and pensions are also being increased in stages, while the alliance is slowing a privatization drive pursued by the previous center-right government. Despite this generosity, the alliance succeeded in lowering the deficit.”

Source: U.S.