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Hospital CEO denies Gozo helicopter could not evacuate cardiac patient

Reports that a malfunctioning privately-operated helicopter contributed to the death of a patient again raise questions about the privatization of Malta’s hospitals. “Gozo hospital authorities are denying claims by a Nationalist MP that a man died due to delays caused by a fault with the Steward Health Care medical evacuation helicopter in Gozo. (…) Steward Health Care, which runs Gozo General Hospital, was caught in the midst of accusations by the Nationalist Party against the government ever since it was announced that Gozo General Hospital, Karin Grech Rehabilitation Hospital, and St Luke's Hospital were leased to Vitals Global Healthcare in a highly controversial agreement. The claims include staff shortages, with the PN's organ alleging that the hospital has poor care and management conditions. The government has repudiated the majority of these accusations.”

Source: MaltaToday.com.mt

Doctors’ union withdraws demand for public hospitals privatisation deal to be cancelled

Doctors have withdrawn their demand that the privatization of St Luke's, Karin Grech and Gozo general hospitals be halted. “Martin Balzan, president of the Medical Association of Malta, said this morning that doctors had achieved their aim that ensures all present and future doctors involved in public-private partnerships will remain answerable to the government's chief medical officer. The union had gone on the warpath earlier this year after news broke that Vitals Global Healthcare—the company that was granted a concession to run three public hospitals—had sold its shareholding to American outfit, Steward Healthcare, less than two years into the deal.”

Source: MaltaToday.com.mt

The tourism minister refusing to reveal Projects Malta CEO contract in parliament

The tourism minister is refusing to reveal details on a Projects Malta subsidiary and its CEO's remuneration package in parliament. “Projects Malta has been the entity responsible for various privatization and land devolution deals, such as the Vitals Global Healthcare hospital concession and the sale of land in St George's Bay to the DB Group for the construction of a high-rise hotel and luxury residence.”

Source: MaltaToday.com.mt