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Unions from Latin Americ assembled in Brazil to fight for public education and against privatization

Unions from 19 Latin American countries assembled in Belo Horizonte, Brazil to fight for public education and against privatization. “Angelo Gavrielatos, director of EI’s Global Response to privatization and Commercialisation in and of Education project, said that EI’s research had exposed the very harmful effects of commercialisation on education. EI’s advocacy with international agencies and national governments was bearing results, he added. Gavrielatos also highlighted how education unions in Uganda, Kenya, and the Philippines have successfully mobilised public opinion against the spread of for-profit schools in their countries.”

The Odebrecht scandal brings hope of reform

The Odebrecht corruption scandal is causing governments and public interest groups in Peru and across the continent to take a hard look at how ‘public private partnerships’ are established and vetted, The Economist reports. “Corruption in public contracting is common globally, says José Ugaz, a Peruvian lawyer who heads Transparency International, a Berlin-based watchdog. But, he adds, there were some unique features in the Odebrecht scandal. The Brazilian company targeted the decision-makers, preparing the ground by paying for the services of Brazilian political gurus in election campaigns and making political donations as well as outright bribes. Their main method was to win contracts by making low bids and then corruptly secure big increases in costs through addenda—in some cases when the ink on the contract was barely dry. This applied especially to contracts involving public-private partnerships (PPPs), which have become fashionable in the region and are typically used for big, complex projects, from highways to hydroelectric schemes.

Source: The Economist

Privatization of education in Latin America and the Caribbean

"Privatized education" is a series of interviews addressing the issue of privatization of education in Latin America and the Caribbean. Through interviews with researchers, the material draws attention to the growing privatization of education in the region, and its impact on the realization of the human right to education.

Source: peopleoverprof.it

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Municipal solid waste management services in Latin America

This report is the first of a series of reports which are part of a research project on global waste services which PSI has commissioned to inform its work to improve working conditions in the waste sector. This report served as background research for the first meeting of the PSI Latin America, Central America and Mexican affiliates with membership in municipal waste services that tool place in Bogotá, Colombia on 28-29 July 2017.


Water Justice Toolkit "Public Water for All". Part 2: Public-Community Partnerships in Latin America: An alternative vision for improving the water sector

The water justice toolkit is the joint effort of organizations and grassroots groups from around the world, that are loosely connected through the global water justice movement. "Public Water for All" is the first module of the toolkit and includes tools to support local campaigns to defend and reclaim public water and sanitation services. In this report, the term “public” signifies a commons-based management system, which treats water as belonging to no one, the sustainable management of water resources as the responsibility of all.