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How to Prevent Privatization: An Activist’s Guide

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All across America, AFSCME members and the public face the threat of privatization of vital services and valuable public...

Fact Sheet: Prisons for Profit.

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Private prison companies claim to provide safe facilities that save taxpayers money. In reality, private prisons are mor...

Fact Sheet: Outsourcing. Outsourcing Social Services: Eliminating Public Watchdogs

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Outsourcing, or privatization, is promoted as a way to save money, improve services, and shake up so-called “unaccountab...

Fact Sheet: Schools. Privatizing School Support Services: The Wrong Choice

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Some officials and commentators believe that outsourcing school support services will save money while maintaining quali...

What’s Your Bid?

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Managed competition is sweeping the country as an alleged “quick fix” to the budget crises facing many cities, counties ...

Stop Bad Contracts – Protect Public Services: Sample Provisions from State Statutes

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States and local governments spend a substantial portion of their budgets on contracted services, often with no assuranc...

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