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The Decent Work Deficit in the Social Care Workforce - a Response to the ILO General Survey

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This submission is made by Public Services International (PSI) on behalf of affiliates who represent health workers deli...

PSI Response to ILO General Survey on Decent Work for Care Economy Workers

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PSI believes that in their current form, C149 and R157 largely retain their relevance. However, these instruments should...

Briefing: Health Before Wealth

Don't let trade rules stop access to Covid-19 Cures for All

CICTAR Report: Revera Living Making a Killing

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This report from the Center for International Corporate Accountability and Research reveals how Revera - a major private...

When the market becomes deadly - Privatisation and the Pandemic (CEO Report)

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This report from Corporate Europe Observatory exposes how pressures towards privatisation of health and long-term care p...

Spotlight Report 2020: Shifting policies for a systemic change

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Calls for “building back better” by just pushing the reset button will not change the game.We need structural changes in...

Strong public and social housing services: a key asset in halting global pandemics

As public authorities seek to provide lockdown and safety measures to beat Covid-19, and are forced to rethink and adapt...

Amnesty International Report: Exposed, Silenced, Attacked

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This report looks at the challenges health and essential workers across the world have faced in doing their jobs in the ...

30 años de neoliberalismo en Chile: la privatización de los servicios públicos

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Realizado por la ISP en alianza con la Fundación NodoXXI, la publicación demuestra cómo la pandemia ha dejado al descubi...

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