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Spending, Accountability, and Recovery Measures included in IMF COVID-19 loans

To respond to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has committed $1 trillion and as of September 20, 2020 had provided $89 billion worth of financial assistance to countries around the world. Oxfam has reviewed the publicly available IMF COVID-19 loan documents associated with 91 loans to 81 countries, extracting and collating select data from each loan document relevant to spending, accountability, and proposed recovery measures.


Re-empowering Public Services in a time of COVID-19

Extract from the civil society report Spotlight on Sustainable Development 2020. Frontline public service workers continue to receive praise and support for their vital role in responding to the COVID-19 crisis. Yet these underfunded public services and brutal working conditions are not inevitable. They are the result of decades of the neo-liberal ideology choices : deliberate erosion of our public services through budget cuts, privatization and understaffing.


Strong public and social housing services: a key asset in halting global pandemics

As public authorities seek to provide lockdown and safety measures to beat Covid-19, and are forced to rethink and adapt their policies, public and social housing clearly emerge as an essential part of the solution to beating pandemics and protecting public health. Read here PSI’s new paper “Strong public and social housing services: a key asset in halting global pandemics.”


30 años de neoliberalismo en Chile: la privatización de los servicios públicos

Realizado por la ISP en alianza con la Fundación NodoXXI, la publicación demuestra cómo la pandemia ha dejado al descubierto el error de años de privatizaciones, desmantelamiento y desfinanciación de los servicios públicos en uno de los países donde el neoliberalismo más ha avanzado en la región, y donde ha posibilitado la subordinación de la vida social a las exigencias del mercado.


Poster - Safe Workers Save Lives

Coronavirus is a deadly threat to frontline public service workers - in particular, our members in the health sector. We rely on them to save countless lives - but for them to be able to do their job, governments across the world must take stronger action now. At this moment, health workers represent about 12% of the infected population globally, and the death toll is unbearable. Illustration by Zoran Svilar