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PSI affiliate suspects fishy deal following announcement of Meralco Consortium as new manager of electricity in Ghana

The Public Utility Workers Union (PUWU), a PSI affiliate in Ghana, is accusing the Millennium Development Authority (MiDA) and the government of Ghana of intentionally excluding them from the Evaluation Panel during the last round of negotiations that led to the selection of the concessionaire, Meralco Consortium, a Philippines firm, to manage the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).


NO to Privatisation of Ambulatory Surgical Care at HUG

The Geneva University Hospitals, HUG (Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève) recently issued tenders for private “partners” to run its ambulatory operation services, through a public-private partnership (PPP). This, as PSI Swiss affiliate le Syndicat des Services Publics (SSP) has pointed out, is a surreptitious introduction of privatisation of surgical care.

Source: PSI

Twenty young African trade unions leaders gathered to discuss remunicipalisation

Twenty young African trade unions leaders gathered in Abuja recently to discuss remunicipalization, PSI reports. “This meeting was the opportunity to discuss collectively the many reasons why it is key to defend the public ownership of essential municipal services, how to ensure fair public procurement processes and why it is in everyone’s interest to reclaim them for the public whenever they are contracted out to the private sector. Profit-oriented service procurement is not compatible with the general interest and the young trade union leaders uncovered many reasons why essential service privatization does not work for people.”

Source: PSI

Trading Privatisation : Time to Fight Back!

Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) are driving privatization on a global scale. They pose a very real threat to public sector services and may even prevent attempts to re-nationalize when privatization fails. PSI and AFTINET are hold a “Trading Privatization Forum” on 31 August in Sydney, Australia. This forum will examine how trade agreements like TiSA, the TPP and the RCEP promote deregulation, commercialization and privatization of services ranging from health, education and childcare, care for the elderly and for people with disabilities to public transport, energy and water. It will also discuss strategies to defeat them.

Source: PSI

Letter to Lagos Governor - Don't privatize public water!

The Lagos government is moving forward with a public private partnership which could result in the privatization of water for millions of people. The French giant Veolia, a transnational corporation with an alarming track record of human rights violations, has already submitted an expression of interest! PSI along with Corporate Accountability International and other partners have circulated a letter in support of the Our Water Our Right coalition in Lagos - to show global support for their opposition to a NEW and IMMINENT privatization threat. PSI has been fighting water privatization in Lagos for several years.

Source: PSI

Towards a global campaign on PPPs: PSI/Eurodad workshop

PSI and Eurodad are organizing a workshop on PPPs on 20 June from 10:00 to 13:00 immediately prior to Eurodad's international conference in The Hague, Netherlands. In the last year NGOs and trade unions have established a fruitful collaboration on PPPs, which resulted - among other things - in a joint boycott letter sent to the World Bank Group in February. The time is now for NGOs and trade unions to exchange ideas on potential advocacy and campaign activities for the year ahead and, if possible, agree on joint actions to further strengthen this collaboration and work towards a global campaign on PPPs. The takeaways from this workshop will also feed into two related events taking place within the programme of the conference: a workshop on market finance vs. public finance of infrastructure and a strategy meeting on publicly-backed private finance.


The fight against privatization was part of the successful struggle for a new constitution for the federal capital

Interviewed by PSI, SUTGDF president Juan Ayala Ribero says the fight against privatization was part of the successful struggle for a new constitution for the federal capital. “We also managed to include clauses excluding any form of privatization of public services, which the constitution recognizes to belong to the citizens. So we have excluded any participation by private capital or privatization in the form of public-private partnerships or commercial agreements such as TISA and TPP. The constitution recognizes that water is an irrevocable and non-negotiable human right and that Mexico City has the duty to guarantee water to all its citizens.” Ayala Ribero also said “we are very worried about the wave of privatization affecting essential services in many countries, services that have traditionally been examples of the defense and promotion of public services, especially in Europe.”

Source: PSI

PSI research paper explores options for sustainable and fair local and regional government funding

PSI has just published a research briefing note that reviews options for local and regional governments (LRGs) to sustainably and progressively fund quality public services for local communities and tackle the challenges posed by rapid urbanization and increasing demands placed upon LRGs in a context of shrinking resources, corporate tax avoidance and rising city and territory-based tax competition. The brief summarizes the related discussion paper, which is open for comments and contributions till the end of May 2017.


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