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Inside the SAA battle: Throwing toys and bugging boardrooms

As turmoil continues over the future of South African Airways, the South African Cabin Crew Association and the National Union of Mineworkers of South Africa have linked the resignation of SAA’s CEO to a privatisation agenda and state capture. “‘We want to be upfront that we have always understood that there has been an agenda to privatise the SOEs and SAA is not immune to this,’ the statement said, while also seeking to link Gordhan to what it said is a Rothschild agenda to privatise SOEs. It also said: ‘What has consistently strengthened this belief is that in all SOEs, if Rothschild is not directly involved in the boards, it acts as consultants and/or advisers. The big question, therefore, is: how is its meddling in the affairs of SOEs any different from the previous meddling of the Guptas, which the country is still recovering from?’”

Source: The M&G Online

Lagos water campaign achievements

The several achievements recorded by Lagos water campaign, spearheaded by the Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria (ERA-FoEN) have been spotlighted in the 2019 edition of the Atlas of Utopias launched online Thursday, in Amsterdam. The cases show how public solutions based on principles of cooperation and solidarity rather than competition and private profit have been more successful in meeting people’s basic needs – and perhaps just as importantly in creating a spirit of confidence and empowerment that strengthen communities for many other challenges.

Spotlight 2019: Reshaping governance for sustainability

The 2019 Spotlight Report report dives more deeply into the (global) governance arrangements and institutions that will be necessary to implement alternative policies and to unleash the transformative potential of the SDGs. It offers analysis and recommendations on how to strengthen inclusive and participatory governance and to overcome obstacles and gaps in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs. In doing this, it poses a strong call to action to world leaders just in advance of the SDG Summit in September 2019.

Source: www.2030spotlight.org

Lagos Water Campaign Gets Special Mention in Atlas of Utopias

The achievements recorded by Lagos water campaign, spearheaded by the Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria (ERA-FoEN) have been spotlighted in the recently launched 2019 edition of the Atlas of Utopias. The Atlas, an initiative by Transformative Cities, is a unique collection of community-led transformations of water, energy, food and …

Source: The New Diplomat

Ground-breaking initiative to promote responsible public procurement

Since the end of 2016, local government officers and members of the CFDT Interco 33 trade union branch at the Bordeaux Metropolitan Region Local Authority [1] have been working on a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the social and environmental impact of public procurement with the aim of promoting sustainability and contributing directly to the attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Source: PSI

Notre meilleur moyen de défense : S'opposer à la privatisation à la table de négociations

Le présent guide donne un aperçu des questions liées à la privatisation, à la sous-traitance et au rapatriement des services à l’interne auxquelles les membres du SCFP sont confrontés. Il contient aussi des exemples de libellé provenant de diverses conventions collectives qui seront utiles pour les comités de négociation, les conseils de négociation et les conseillers syndicaux. La privatisation des emplois et des services a des conséquences négatives sur les membres du syndicat et leur communauté. En effet, le niveau de vie des travailleurs diminue et de bons emplois disparaissent. Notre meilleur moyen de défense contre la privatisation est la convention collective que nous négocions.

Source: Syndicat canadien de la fonction publique

Our Best Line of Defence: Taking on privatization at the bargaining table

This guide gives an overview of the privatization, contracting out and contracting in issues CUPE members face – along with sample collective agreement language for local bargaining committees, bargaining councils and staff representatives. Privatizing jobs and services hurts members and the community, as workers’ living standards decline and well-paying jobs disappear. Our first line of defence against privatization is our union contract, negotiated through collective bargaining.

Source: Canadian Union of Public Employees