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Nuestra última oportunidad por el clima

Greta Thunberg, de 16 años, está inspirando un movimiento mundial para la acción colectiva sobre el cambio climático. Decenas de miles de estudiantes han seguido su llamado de no asistir a la escuela y unirse a las protestas para presionar a nuestros líderes políticos a que tomen medidas urgentes sobre el calentamiento global.

Education is not a tradable good

Among different type of private actors involved in education, commercial schools raise specific challenges. Commercial schools have been defined as schools “whose one of the main objectives (though not necessarily unique) is to develop commercial activities out of education services and to defend their own interest to the detriment of the general interest. They consider education as a tradable good, which involves in particular that they intend to extend their activities and model by entering in competition with other education establishments, to increase their turnover, and to increase their profit.” The following page is meant as a monitoring resource page to critically reflect on the development of this type of schools against human rights standards.

Sounding the alarm on dangerous public-private partnerships (PPPs).

Public Services International, EURODAD and other CSO partners jointly urge all those concerned with justice, equality, sustainability and human rights to resist the encroachment of PPPs and to push instead for high-quality, publicly-funded, democratically-controlled, accountable public services. The well-being of our communities and societies depends on it!

Taking back control

Governments must ensure that they act in the best interest of their communities by providing quality public services. The provision of essential services should be their highest priority. Privatisation should only be considered if it has been demonstrated to be in the best interest of communities and the best use of taxpayer funding.