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Un triunfo más del pueblo colombiano: el fin de la reforma de la salud

Tras 24 días consecutivos de protestas en las calles de Colombia contra las políticas neoliberales defendidas por el gobierno de Iván Duque, el pueblo colombiano ha logrado uno de sus más importantes triunfos políticos. Esta vez, la movilización social y el Comité Nacional de Paro lograron que se hundiera en el Congreso de Colombia el proyecto de Ley 010 de reforma a la salud, que pretendía privatizar aún más el sector en el país.

World leaders and the people speak up for Covid-19 patents waiver

More than 170 former heads of states and governments and Nobel laureates called on US president Joe Biden to fully support a temporary waiver of the WTO intellectual property rules, last week. This is part of campaigns by the People’s Vaccine Alliance (PVA) for Covid-19 vaccines to be made “available to all, everywhere, free of charge”. PSI is a member of the PVA.

Moderna announces Covid-19 vaccine: Time to fight for a people’s vaccine

Moderna Inc. announced its Covid-19 vaccine barely a week after Pfizer and BioNTech’s announcement. In a manner reminiscent of the Cold War rivalry, Russia also announced its Sputnik V vaccine on the same day. These are welcome developments which provide a light in the tunnel of the pandemic, but everybody across the world must have access to the Covid-19 vaccines.

Strong public and social housing services: a key asset in halting global pandemics

PSI has produced a new paper on the fundamental role strong public and housing services have in halting global pandemics and protecting public health. These services must be fully reclaimed and restored as a critical part of the toolkit governments at all levels have to secure social security and public health for all.