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Support to French union actions for a national public energy service for all

PSI has sent a message the French members of EDF's Dialogue Committee on Social Responsibility (CDRS) about the ‘Projet Hercule’, reiterating continued support to the struggle of French energy trade unions to halt the unbundling and further privatisation of EDF. PSI views energy as a vital public service and strategic resource, not a for-profit commodity.

Moderna announces Covid-19 vaccine: Time to fight for a people’s vaccine

Moderna Inc. announced its Covid-19 vaccine barely a week after Pfizer and BioNTech’s announcement. In a manner reminiscent of the Cold War rivalry, Russia also announced its Sputnik V vaccine on the same day. These are welcome developments which provide a light in the tunnel of the pandemic, but everybody across the world must have access to the Covid-19 vaccines.

Strong public and social housing services: a key asset in halting global pandemics

PSI has produced a new paper on the fundamental role strong public and housing services have in halting global pandemics and protecting public health. These services must be fully reclaimed and restored as a critical part of the toolkit governments at all levels have to secure social security and public health for all.

Over 500 organisations call on IMF to stop promoting austerity in Coronavirus recovery period

More than 500 organisations and academics from 87 countries, including PSI, have issued a statement today calling on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to stop promoting austerity and instead support policies that advance gender justice, reduce inequality, and put people and planet first.

Afiliadas de la ISP en Chile repudian la violencia policial contra joven manifestante

La ANEF, CONFUSAM y FENPRUSS emitieron comunicados de repudio a la violencia ejercida por Fuerzas Especiales de Carabineros que arrojaron un joven manifestante de 16 años al río Mapocho, en la capital Santiago, el último viernes 2 de octubre.

A Message
from the Future

PSI teams up with The Intercept, The Leap and progressive allies to present "A Message from the Future II: The Years of Repair" - a new video which presents a vision of the future we must fight for together.

Liberian health workers striking for better conditions face threats and intimidation

The health workers union in Liberia, NAHWUL, has called for a 2-week strike further to the government’s refusal to honour the agreement it had signed with union and its call for hazard pay and protective equipment. The government has responded with threats of arrests and dismissals of the striking workers. PSI fully supports its affiliate's strike actions.