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Wall Street wants in on public school construction, and that’s scary

We’ve long heard the same false claims about using public-private partnerships to build infrastructure like toll roads, but not public schools. Until now. Private equity firms and Wall Street banks say public-private partnerships are cheaper, which is flat-out wrong. State and local governments can borrow money using low-cost municipal bonds. Why should they pay extra to make private investors rich?

Source: In the Public Interest

The Union of Tunisian University Teachers and Researchers has staged a sit-in to protest the freezing of wages of striking teachers

The Union of Tunisian University Teachers and Researchers (IJABA) has staged a sit-in in front of the Ministry of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to protest the freezing of wages of striking teachers. Najmeddine Jaouida, General Coordinator of the union, called on MEPs not to adopt a bill which would promote investment in the private education sector. He felt that this law would provide for a definitive break with the public university and lead the way to an anarchic privatization of universities.

Source: La Presse de Tunisie

Privatization hurts students!

The community in Ocean County, New Jersey has rallied behind educational support personnel. The Ocean County Council of Education Associations says “Let's let the Lacey Board of Education know we stand together in support of the ESP's. Privatization hurts students!”

Source: Twitter

Private schools fail to upload balance sheet on websites

Chandigarh private schools “continue to flout the norms of the Punjab Regulation of Fee of Unaided Educational Institution Act, 2016, by not disclosing ‘obligatory information’ on their official websites, the Education Department remains a mute spectator to violations.” Chandigarh Parents’ Association president Nitin Goyal said “profiteering is clearly barred by the Supreme Court in all educational institutions. It has been stated that education is not a business, but an occupation. Due to this, the Chandigarh Administration allotted plots only to charitable trusts for opening schools.”

Source: Tribuneindia News Service

A network of trade unions and social activists, has released a People's Manifesto

The Jagnyachya Hakkache Aandolan (JHA), a network of trade unions and social activists, has released a People's Manifesto and asked opposition parties to include their positions in their platforms. “The issues in this manifesto include curtailing widespread privatisation, giving remunerative rates to farmers for their produce, increasing the minimum wages of workers, thrust on public transport, health and education.” [Hindustan Times, 7 March 2019]

Source: peopleoverprof.it

Coalition calls on government to pause on privatisation of public schools

The Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition, made up of over 210 civil society organisations, is calling on the government to pause the privatisation of public schools. Mr. Kofi Asare, Chairman of the Coalition, “said the coalition was aware of similar projects carried out in other African countries such as Liberia, Uganda and Kenya, where the partnership between government and the private sector did not yield the required results. Rather, whatever gains were made were marginal in comparison to the investments made by their governments, which were much higher than what was going to the regular public schools. Government cannot afford to ignore this evidence and go ahead to invest in such a venture, he stressed.”

Source: www.ghananewsagency.org

Ten years of gains in public healthcare, education, and social inclusion may well be reversed

Concerns are being raised about what policies toward the public sector the new president-elect, Nayib Bukele, will follow. “Bukele was mercurial as ever on the campaign trail, but his sponsor, GANA, has opposed abortion and marriage equality (a position Bukele shares), and supported water privatization and the death penalty. Ten years of gains in public healthcare, education, and social inclusion may well be reversed, and the current social movement struggles for the decriminalization of abortion and against water privatization may face devastating setbacks.”

Source: NACLA

Government move on privatisation in health, education flayed

The Committee against Privatisation of Essential Services, a coalition of organizations in the Punjab, have staged a demonstration in Bathinda against the government move to push privatisation in the health and education sectors. “They said the institutions, which were being handed over to private players to earn profit, were not the property of any individual, but had been built from the taxpayers’ money. The representatives said the government had not only failed in its Constitutional duty, but was also playing into the hands of private players. They demanded to roll back the PPP model and an increase in the health and education budget to meet the growing needs of the ailing people.”

Source: Tribuneindia News Service

Mid-Day Meal Workers Protest at Jantar Mantar

Workers protest at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi, against the privatisation of the mid-day meal scheme at the government-run primary schools. “The workers accused the Modi government of trying to privatise the mid-day meal scheme by handing it over to the corporate NGOs. ‘There is a close nexus between the corporates and government. Corporates like Nandi Foundation, Vedanta and others have been roped in,’ said Jai Bhagwan, General Secretary of the mid-day meal workers federation.”

Source: NewsClick