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The Systemic Racism of Public Debt Collection in California

A new report by the California Reinvestment Coalition reveals that the privatized system of public debt collection is pervaded with systematic racism. Jeremy Mohler of In the Public Interest says, “In other words, California counties are imposing excessive fines and fees on their poorest residents not so much to fund government but to enrich a handful of corporations. (It’s important to note that two corporations, AllianceOne and GC Services, hold a majority of the contracts, and have been sued in other states for worker overtime violations and making unlawful collection calls).”

Source: The American Prospect

Backward idea –– privatizing the QEH

Attorney David Comissiong, president of the Clement Payne Movement, rejects Dr Carlos Chase’s idea of privatising Barbados’ Queen Elizabeth Hospital. “It is also a socially dangerous statement, for what Dr Chase is urging is that the Government of Barbados, elected to office by the predominantly black and working-class population of Barbados, should engage in a course of action that would––in one fell swoop––wipe out fundamental social and health care rights that the black masses of Barbados fought for in monumental social battles over the past 150 years.”

Source: peopleoverprof.it