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National Education Union to stage rallies against profiteer Pearson

Members of the National Education Union (NEU) will rally at Savoy Place in London against multinational assessment service Pearson, which is closely involved with Bridge — one of the world’s largest education-for-profit companies. As a “low-fee” private schools provider, Bridge intends to extend its influence throughout Africa and Asia within the next decade, with a business plan that union campaigners claim is focused on maximising profit at the expense of educational quality.

Source: Morning Star

Why do British charities want to shut down private schools in Africa?

Why would anyone who claims to care about the world’s poorest children try to shut down their schools? It’s strange and sad, but several British charities, in cahoots with some British unions, are making a concerted effort to close down hundreds of schools in Africa. They are doing this because they dislike private education, seeming not to care that this will destroy the life chances of thousands of desperate children, forcing them, at best, into state schools where the teachers are often absent, drunk or incapable.

Source: The Star, Kenya

Liberian Lawmaker Slams ‘Disgraceful’ Bridge Infrastructure in Sasstown

Rep. J. Fonati Koffa has criticized as disgraceful the Bridge Partnership Schools for Liberia's infrastructure in Sasstown. “Bridge PSL currently operates schools in 8 districts across Maryland and Grand Kru Counties. (…) Bridge came under fire in March when some 88 civil society organizations urged investors to cease their support for the multinational for-profit chain of private schools Bridge International Academies (BIA), which runs over 500 schools in Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Uganda, and India. These organizations are calling investors' attention to a series of concerning practices by BIA and the associated legal and reputational risks they incur.”

Source: FrontPageAfrica

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