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"Privatization is the biggest boondoggle of our lifetime"

Smokey Thomas, President of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU), expresses alarm at the release of a report by EY, the consulting firm, that he says will be used by the Ford government “as a pretext to make devastating cuts in the public and broader public sectors.” He says “privatization is the biggest boondoggle of our lifetime.” Among his recommendations to Ford is to “end privatization and costly public-private partnerships that have been an $8-billion-dollar disaster.”

'Vote for a party that's pro-public services and anti-privatization'

During a crowded town hall meeting in Kenora on April 4, OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas told people that the We Own It campaign is making privatization an election issue. Thomas told 89.5 The Lake that the We Own It campaign has now signed up more than 57,000 supporters. "We hope to mobilize those 57,000 people ... to vote in favour of a platform  that's pro public service and anti-privatization," Thomas said.

Source: OPSEU

OPSEU President is skeptical of government promises of needed improvements to health care

OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas is skeptical of government promises of needed improvements to health care, mental health and addictions, and access to more affordable child care and postsecondary education. “We've had fifteen years of austerity, of cuts,” says Thomas. “That's closer to 25 years when you include the Tories' time in office. In that time, our public services have been grossly underfunded, and understaffed. So, while it's nice to hear that the government cares, the time for talking about caring has passed, it's time to do.” Thomas says after the budget is released, “we'll see then just how committed they are to taking action. We'll also see if there's a real commitment to walk away from costly privatization schemes.”


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