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Learning from the past: Public finance and democratic control are key to achieving the SDGs

The question of how to finance water and sanitation is crucial. Leading international institutions emphasise the role of private finance despite major concerns. The idea that private finance can bring the needed investment is remarkably persistent in global policy circles and leads to a dangerous lack of attention to the far more realistic option of mobilising public finance for infrastructure to provide essential services for all.

Source: Transnational Institute

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Public-public partnerships (PUPs) in water

Out of sight of many global policy-makers, a growing number of public sector water companies have been engaged, in a great variety of ways, in helping others develop the capacity to be effective and accountable public services. This paper attempts to provide an overview of the typical objectives of PUPs; the different forms of PUPs and partners involved; a series of case studies of actual PUPs. It then offers recommendations for future development of PUPs.

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