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Rally to rebuild and improve our public health care

The Ontario Health Coalition has called a rally to rebuild and improve public health care. “[Premier] Ford’s appointment of infamous privatizer Gordon Campbell as financial guru, was a tell-tale sign of his real priorities,” they say. “Under Campbell’s leadership, B.C. became ground zero for health care cuts and privatization in Canada—long waits and user fees are rampant. That’s not the Ontario we want. Now is our time to take a stand; to make it impossible for this government to cut and privatize our health care system.” The Ontario NDP has warned that “Ford’s health minister is warning of a ‘system transformation’ for Ontario’s health care. That means health care cuts and privatization.”

"Privatization is the biggest boondoggle of our lifetime"

Smokey Thomas, President of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU), expresses alarm at the release of a report by EY, the consulting firm, that he says will be used by the Ford government “as a pretext to make devastating cuts in the public and broader public sectors.” He says “privatization is the biggest boondoggle of our lifetime.” Among his recommendations to Ford is to “end privatization and costly public-private partnerships that have been an $8-billion-dollar disaster.”

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Private Clinics and the Threat to Public Medicare in Canada. Results of Surveys with Private Clinics and Patients

The Ontario Health Coalition has released a report on private healthcare clinics and how they are a threat to Canada's public Medicare system. “The report calls on federal and provincial governments to recommit themselves to the Canada Health Act, to stop illegal health fees for patients and to impose penalties on provinces that don't protect their residents. The report also calls for provincial governments to put a halt on the privatization of public and non-profit hospital services, increase hospital capacity and increase health funding. The report also recommends that governments at all levels must protect public health care from international trade agreements through a general carve out for all healthcare services. Private for-profit clinics are cutting a second tier into Canada's public healthcare system, a representative with a provincial healthcare watchdog group says. And, in many cases, what they’re doing is illegal, said Peter Boyle, a volunteer with the Ontario Health Coalition.” OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas says “these private clinics should not be profiting off the sick and elderly. It's outrageous and unethical, and that's why we will continue to fight against privatization in all its forms.


Trashed: How Outsourcing Municipal Solid Waste Collection Kicks Workers to the Curb

This research examines how the outsourcing of the municipal solid waste collection services in Winnipeg has impacted the quality of jobs for those who work in this industry. Our research shows that the outsourcing of these services has resulted in many of these positions being filled through temporary help agencies (THA) and that the quality of this type of work is very precarious.


Public risks, private profits.VEOLIA environment. Profiles of Canada’s public-private partnership industry.

New research exposes the risks of privatizing Canada’s water and wastewater systems by entering into public-private partnerships with one of the world’s biggest corporations. The in-depth profile of water multinational Veolia Environment is the second in a series produced jointly by CUPE and the Polaris Institute.The Public risks, private profits series is an important tool for communities challenging P3s.

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