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"The PPI fits into a vision for the state"

Retired general Oswaldo Ferreira, who is “tasked with debating infrastructure policy proposals for the campaign of Jair Bolsonaro (Social Liberal Party, PSL) campaign,” and is likely to be transportation minister should Bolsonaro win the elections, says “he would continue the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) to help develop privatization projects. ‘The PPI fits into a vision for the state.’” Fernando Haddad, presidential candidate of Brazil's Workers' Party (PT), says that investors prefer his far right opponent because they see quick gains in the privatization of state companies that he would pursue.”

Brazilian Supreme Court schedules hearing on privatization

Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Ricardo Lewandowski has scheduled a public hearing for Sept. 28 “about an injunction he issued in June that mandates that all sales of state-controlled companies must first be approved by Congress. Lewandowski will allow 57 people to speak in the hearing, according to documents seen by Reuters. Union leaders will feature among the speakers.”

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