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The IMF executive board has concluded its 2018 Article IV Consultation with Botswana

The IMF executive board has concluded its 2018 Article IV Consultation with Botswana. IMF Executive Directors “welcomed the authorities' commitment to accelerate the implementation of key structural reforms. Directors underscored the need to reform the public sector and its role in the economy, especially by restructuring and privatizing parastatals, undertaking a civil service reform, and strengthening the prioritization of public investment projects.”

The benefits of privatization remained unproven

Responding to President Mokgweetsi Masisi’s statement that he intends to slash the civil service and engage in widespread privatization of public enterprises, Topias Marenga, general secretary of the Botswana Public Employees Union, says “reducing the size of the civil service would be ‘a major blow’ and the benefits of privatization remained unproven. ‘The problem with our leaders is that they are under the sway of the International Monetary Fund, which wants the public service wage bill cut down by 5 percent,’ he said by phone. ‘Our problem is that we don’t have effective platforms to discuss these matters with government as equal social partners.’”


Students debate water crisis in Botswana

Students debate whether water services should be privatised or kept in public hands. “The students for the motion argued that private companies would come and help finance these projects., adding that many villages would not be affected by water rationing in case of a pipe burst that needs to be repaired. (…) However, when opposing the motion, Mater Spei Senior Secondary students said privatisation was more into profit making, which would be costly for ordinary citizens. They said decentralising the management of water and water resources would only benefit the government than its people. ‘Yes, we agree that WUC has failed the public, but we would like the government to amend the Parliamentary Act on water. This will bring balance to the water supply in the country including in rural areas. There is no solution in decentralising water management and resources in areas, as we will be facing the same water problems,’ they said.”

Source: Mmegi Online

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