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The refusal of the public to countenance the transfer of public land to the joint venture

Haringey Council scraps its controversial £4bn housing joint venture with a private company in favor of going its own way and forming an all-public enterprise. At the heart of the dispute was the refusal of the public to countenance the transfer of public land to the joint venture. “The scheme was also criticized by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who argued for communities to have much more of a real say in developments in their local areas. Many Labour candidates last May were emboldened by the approach of the party’s leader and opposition to the HDV became a driving force of the campaign, so much so that local people elected a new political leadership in Haringey as a result.”

Source: Infrastructure Intelligence

Parking fines be privatized to a for-profit company

Local residents are angry about the suggestion by a private consulting firm, PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC), that parking fines be privatized to a for-profit company and that the Ceredigion council could “take a share of profits.” Cambrian News reports that “efforts are now being made to improve the system. However, PwC, which receives a cut of savings it helps identify, has said privatization of the service could see the council better off. Cllr Euros Davies asked: “Why was this looked at by PwC? What came from scrutiny was that PwC was not to look at it. If all the machines were working properly we’d be making more than the savings here.” The parking spaces privatization issue has emerged after another controversy over “draconian” private enforcement companies taking over at the city’s public parking garages.

Source: Cambrian News

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Selling space - Britain's public spaces going private

When strolling in parks and squares, you could be forgiven for thinking that they are all publicly owned. But more and more public spaces are being bought by private companies and although the public is still allowed to use them, there are restrictions. We speak to Will Self and the Conservative MP for Croydon South - Chris Philp - a member of the Treasury Select Committee.