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How the European Union accord would promote privatization in Tunisia?

A mobilization against the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA; ALECA) has generated debate on how the European Union accord would promote privatization in Tunisia. “The Economic and Social Research Association Mohamed Ali El Hakim is named after the founder of the trade union movement in Tunisia. It was created by activists on the left, mainly from the popular front. Its main objective is to propagate a knowledge on economic, social subjects with a militant word that exceeds the dominant discourse, the liberal discourse. ARES has also published three collective works, a first on debt, a second on the economic crisis in Tunisia—with a historical reading of the development model – and a third on the 2018 finance law. A fourth is in the process of being published and deals with public companies and the debate about their privatization.”

EBRD is pushing ‘public-private partnerships’ in Tunisia

Pierre Heilbronn, vice president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, is pushing ‘public-private partnerships’ in Tunisia. “When I came to Tunis with a delegation of the World Bank, it was to find a balance between bringing private investors contributing to the construction of infrastructure and the interests of the state. This requires reform, a legislative framework but also an implementation of this framework on all projects that can be discussed.”

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