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The question of privatizing state-owned refineries is a central dividing line in the elections 2019

The Financial Times reports that the question of privatizing state-owned refineries was a central dividing line in the 16 February election of the President, Vice President and National Assembly. The incumbent, President Muhammadu Buhari’s “focus is state-led growth and his plan is to form public-private partnerships to revive the refineries.” Atiku Abubakar, his main rival, “plans to sell off the refineries. The 72-year-old made his fortune in the oil and gas business before leading the country’s patchy privatisation drive as vice-president in the 2000s.”

Source: peopleoverprof.it

Summit against water privatization gathers in Abuja

Global activists, unionists and human rights advocates will meet in Abuja, on 29-30 January for a national summit that aims at achieving the human right to water in Nigeria and around the world. Participants will come from communities around the world which have been directly impacted by the damages caused by private water industry.

Source: PSI

The failed concessioning of Osun MKO Abiola Airport

Kemi Busari of Premium Times has written a two-part, in-depth exposé of the failed concessioning of Osun MKO Abiola Airport despite billions of taxpayer Naira poured into the ‘public private partnership,’ which has now been terminated. “None of these requirements, according to our findings, was fulfilled in the AWOL concession. Investigations revealed that in the case of MKO Int’l Airport, ‘No advertisement, no bid opening, evaluation or approval’ was carried out. Rather, the state government bequeathed the contract to the favoured AWOL.”

Source: Premium Times Nigeria