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General secretary of Public Service Association: "the NSW juvenile justice system is in crisis"

Stewart Little, the general secretary of Public Service Association, says the NSW juvenile justice system is in crisis, with violence against staff spiking and inadequate care. “The relentless cuts and outsourcing of public services mean that opportunities for intervention with these kids are consistently missed David Tune's independent report on child protection, which the government kept secret for 18 months, revealed a system in failure. Of the $1.86 billion the state spent on vulnerable families, $960 million, half, is spent on outsourced, privately provided out-of-home care. It costs nearly double to put a kid in an NGO-run home rather than a Family and Community Services (FACS) -managed service. The erosion of funding for FACS means it is now a crisis-driven system. Case workers are operating in survival mode, unable to deliver long-term outcomes for anyone.”

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

Contract won't be renewed for privately-run maximum security prison

After a devastating parliamentary inquiry into GEO Group’s operation of the scandal-plagued Parklea prison, the New South Wales government says GEO’s contract will be cancelled. The Public Service Association has called on the state government to hand back the prison to public management, but the Daily Mail reports that “the prison management contract will instead be taken over by either G4S, Serco or joint venture partners MTC/Broadspectrum in March 2019.”

Source: Mail Online

Corrections Day

PSA General Secretary Stewart Little and POVB Chair Nicole Jess celebrated Correction Day at the official opening of the new rapid build Hunter Correctional Centre. “A state-run correctional system works best to protect the people of NSW and rehabilitate inmates. In the past 12 months, a bid from the public sector kept John Morony in public hands, while the nearby privatized facility at Parklea is to be scrutinised by a parliamentary committee. I would like to congratulate each and every member in every part of Corrective Services for their expertise, dedication and professionalism.”

Source: Public Service Association

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Prison Privatisation in Australia: The State of the Nation Accountability. Costs, Performance and Efficiency.

The purpose of this report is to provide a description of Australian private prisons as they have evolved across the country. Our overview of private prisons in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia,Victoria and Western Australia will give an understanding of the ‘State of the Nation’ with regard to prison privatisation and its impact. As stated, this study considers private prisons in Australia against four key categories: accountability, costs, performance and efficiency.