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Morrison Government’s privatisation by stealth

There has been a sharp negative reaction to Queensland Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s alleged plans to privatize the state’s energy assets “by stealth.” Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy Mark Butler says “this isn’t a ‘big stick’ policy, it’s the latest version of the Liberals’ ‘big sell-off’—going after the publicly owned electricity assets that Labor Governments have refused to privatize. Privatization means higher power prices for families. Privatizing energy assets hasn’t led to lower prices or better outcomes for consumers; it has led to massive private profits and electricity prices that keep going up and up. Yet electricity privatization remains in the Liberals’ DNA.”

Source: pv magazine Australia

The Labor party wins overwhelmingly in Western Australia

The Labor party wins overwhelmingly in Western Australia, “derailing billions of dollars of privatizations including a port and major energy grid. The opposition state Labor party, which campaigned against the government's plans to sell a majority stake in the A$15 billion ($11.3billion) Western Power electricity grid along with privatization of the $1.5 billion Fremantle Port, won decisively and will govern without needing a coalition partner. The result puts a dent in the country's privatization plans, with the Australian government encouraging the states to sell assets by offering them up to A$5 billion in cash grants if they then quickly re-invest proceeds in infrastructure projects.”

Source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

Job cuts at Western Australia's electricity utility could mean more bush fires

Job cuts at Western Australia's electricity utility could mean more bush fires. Representatives from the Australian Services Union and the Electrical Trades Union met in Perth to discuss the situation. “ETU WA branch secretary Les McLaughlan warned WA was at risk of making the same mistakes as Victoria before the Black Saturday bushfires. "The royal commission into Victoria's Black Saturday bushfires, which left 173 people dead, found that faulty privatized power lines were responsible for causing five of the most devastating blazes," Mr McLaughlan said.”

Source: peopleoverprof.it

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