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Save Mona Vale Hospital

A four-page brochure produced by the New South Wales government is raising fears that Mona Vale Hospital will inevitably be fully-privatised. “Save Mona Vale Hospital chairman Parry Thomas said his members remained sceptical of a takeover by private operators. ‘They’ve already leased parts to private operators—we’re not speculating that it’s been sold.’” [Manley Daily, 6 March 2019]

Source: peopleoverprof.it

A housing nightmare shines a light on lax regulation of building practices

A housing nightmare shines a light on lax regulation of building practices. “The Builders Collective's Mr. Dwyer says the authority's lack of action was typical. ‘Combined with privatisation of building surveyors, regulators in this industry do everything they can to avoid regulating. And yet these same bureaucrats keep informing the minister of the day that everything is OK,’ he said.”

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

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The government has privatized $50 billion in public sector assets

PSA General Secretary Stewart Little reports that the latest figures show the government as led by O’Farrell, Baird and now Berejiklian “has privatized $50 billion in public sector assets in a little over six years. This is compared to $6 billion over 16 years under Labor” (p. 10). Speaking of the privatized train-to-airport system, Little also points to media reports saying it “costs you more than $17 each way; $13.50 of that goes straight to the private consortium; money that could go to child protection, Disability Services, the environment or justice system” (p. 11).


Prison Privatisation in Australia: The State of the Nation Accountability. Costs, Performance and Efficiency.

The purpose of this report is to provide a description of Australian private prisons as they have evolved across the country. Our overview of private prisons in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia,Victoria and Western Australia will give an understanding of the ‘State of the Nation’ with regard to prison privatisation and its impact. As stated, this study considers private prisons in Australia against four key categories: accountability, costs, performance and efficiency.

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Victory for public healthcare

Public service unions have won the battle to keep five New South Wales hospitals from being privatized thanks to the tireless efforts of the NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association, Australian Salaried Medical Officers' Federation of NSW, the Health Services Union NSW and local residents of Shellharbour, Maitland, Bowral, Wyong & Goulburn. The Power of the people kept NSW In A Healthy State!