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After 3 Decades, Privatization Has Been Proven a Failure. Let’s Bury It for Good.

Handing public assets and services over to the free market has been a boon for corporate America and a disaster for the working class. Jeremy Mohler, In The Public Interest, writes that it it is time to bust "The myth that the privatization of public goods and services “saves taxpayer money.” Much like trickle-down economics, privatization is a choice—meaning, it’s ideologically and politically motivated. And it’s pushed by the same corporate interests that profit from its implementation."

Source: inthesetimes.com

Waste disposal contract blocked after fury in Birmingham

A controversial five-year contract with Veolia for Birmingham's waste disposal services has been blocked following widespread criticism. “A major talking point with the original contract surrounds the condition that Veolia is obliged to leave the incinerator in by the end. But even the inquiry failed to shed much light around the issue—at least in public— with much of the debate held in private due to 'commercial sensitivity.’ Cllr Paul Tilsley (Lib Dems, Sheldon) on the committee, said: ‘I can't believe that Birmingham City Council in 1993/94 entered into a contract with Veolia which would at the end of 25 years let them off 'scot-free.’”

Source: birminghammail