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Gulf Cooperation Council: investors eye school transport service

Investors say they are looking for a way to break into the private provision of school bus services. “We have recognised the lucrative investment merits of the student bus transportation segment early on and were able to gain a first-mover advantage,” said Shailesh Dash, chairman of Gulf Pinnacle Logistics.

Reform plan excludes privatization of oil, education, health

Financial and economic reforms do not entail any plans to privatize the health or educational sectors, according to Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Ana Saleh. “The minister said that there has been much chatter about the subject of privatizing basic public services, noting that the government has no plans to abdicate its obligation to provide the public with all the basic benefits and services.”


Kuwait creates new fund to manage domestic assets

The government has announced the creation of a new fund to manage its domestic assets, “signalling a key step forward in the country's push to privatise state-owned companies.” Zawya reports that “stakes in local companies, power and water projects will reportedly be included in the fund, as well as other assets currently under the management of the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA), which also oversees a sizeable international portfolio. (…) However, the state's privatisation agenda has largely stalled since 2010, with the sale of major assets, including Kuwait Airways and the Kuwait Stock Exchange, delayed on multiple occasions as the government debated how best to approach the privatisation process.

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