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South Korean government responds to workers’ demands for justice for young worker Kim Yong-gyun

The South Korean government has announced today a series of measures in response to the tragic death of 24-year-old power plant worker, killed in an industrial accident resulting from the “outsourcing of danger” and lack of safety measures at Taean Power Plant.

Source: PSI

The “collapse of governance”

Korea Times condemns the “collapse of governance” under the administrations of the past 12 years. “At the heart of this war on government is the promotion of deregulation (which means literally de-criminalization). The result of deregulation is that government officials have lost the ability to serve as a check on for-profit organizations. Today, profits for business has become the critical issue in the policymaking process and consequentially the government has lost its ability to formulate and implement long-term policies. That problem has been made worse because deregulation has been paired with privatization so that infrastructure is run for profit. Such an approach poisons attitudes toward the community at every level.”

Source: koreatimes

Public sector workers have called on the government to promote a “just energy transition” to renewables

Public sector workers have called on the government to promote a “just energy transition” to renewables. “The Korean Labour and Social Network on Energy (KLSNE) and the Korean Public Service and Transport Workers’ Union (KPTU) support the government’s policy of a transition toward a coal-free, nuclear-free energy system.” The Moon Jae-in government, which was elected on a pledge to phase out coal and nuclear generation and scale up clean renewables, is now moving quickly to enact these promises.

Source: www.globalresearch.ca