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Kenyan National Assembly has expressed concerns over Airtel, Telkom merger

Questions are being raised about the proposed merger between Airtel and Telkom Kenya. “The two operators have signed an agreement to merge their businesses and operate as Airtel-Telkom, but the [National Assembly’s] Committee on Implementation claims the deal has all the hallmarks of a scandal where private individuals are buying off a public entity through the backdoor for a song. (…) Of particular interest to the House team, which is chaired by lawmaker Moitalel ole Kenta, is the 2014 Special Report of Public Investment Committee (PIC) on the privatisation, recapitalisation and restructuring Telkom Kenya’s balance sheet, which was adopted by parliament in 2015.”

Source: www.telecompaper.com

Kenya in major policy shift on support for PPPs

In a major policy shift on support for PPPs, government support measures (GSM) will “only be issued in very exceptional circumstances for projects that are considered strategic and that are of public interest”. This decision was taken after it became apparent that private investors under the PPP framework have been abusing the government support measures exposing taxpayers to potential losses of millions of dollars.

Kenya in major policy shift on support for PPPs

Over 70 projects being implemented under the public-private partnership framework in Kenya face an uncertain future, after a government decision to withdraw financial and risk guarantees. Despite a push by the government for the private sector to be actively involved in cash-intensive infrastructure projects, the National Treasury has unveiled a new policy that is bound to have far-reaching ramifications for PPP projects.