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The companies whose officials are named in a corruption probe to continue work

The government will allow companies whose officials are named in a corruption probe to continue work on existing projects and to bid for new ones. “Faced with the threat of a recession in the second half of the year, the government plans to push forward with President Mauricio Macri’s $35 billion infrastructure agenda, including public private partnership projects. Dietrich delivered the message to nine banks, including HSBC and ICBC, in a meeting earlier Friday. The corruption scandal that has enveloped the country won’t halt that process, he said.”


Argentina: 20 Years on, Has the IMF Really Changed Its Ways?

Argentinians are experiencing deja-vu this month as the government announces massive layoffs and a hiring freeze as part of an adjustment package attached to a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Thousands of public servants are being forced yet again to swallow the bitter pill of austerity, which the IMF programme – published last Friday – aims to patch up through increased targeted social assistance.


World Bank intervention to lead to privatisation of public health system warns health union

FESPROSA, the trade union federation of health professionals of Argentine warns that, through the recent extension of credit granted to Argentina, the Government and World Bank are seeking "to advance the privatization of the Argentine public health system and are blackmailing the provinces into accepting."

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