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Residents are resisting foreign developers privatizing Mexico’s public beaches

Residents are resisting foreign developers privatizing Mexico’s public beaches by building condominiums. Alianza de la Costa Verde says residents of the state of Nayarit “denounce anomalies in the approval of the project: they warned that the work is illegal. It was authorized by the previous administration of the municipality prematurely, before the approval of the manifestation of environmental impact by the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT).”

Barbuda Fights Enclosures and Neoliberal Dispossession After Hurricane Irma

Attempts by the neoliberal government of Antigua to dispossess and enclose Barbuda, where traditional communal land rights have persevered till this day, are continuing, but not without vigorous resistance from Barbudans themselves. The Latino Media Collective spoke with Dr. Matthew Quest about the struggle for social and environmental justice in Antigua & Barbuda.

Source: Black Agenda Report

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Selling space - Britain's public spaces going private

When strolling in parks and squares, you could be forgiven for thinking that they are all publicly owned. But more and more public spaces are being bought by private companies and although the public is still allowed to use them, there are restrictions. We speak to Will Self and the Conservative MP for Croydon South - Chris Philp - a member of the Treasury Select Committee.

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